For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...
Mark 10:45

Serve at The Rescue Church

At The Rescue Church, there are two main ways that you can volunteer your time;  serving in ministry, and  serving in your community.

What unique gifts might you have to help build the Kingdom?

What does serving in ministry look like? 

At The Rescue Church, we are always looking for ways that we can serve one another.  We are unique in that our footprint at The Rescue Church is Church Planting.

We began as a Church plant in the City of Sumner in 2013 and because we don't have a building that we own, we set-up and tear-down our ministry equipment each week. In this setting, serving in ministry means that you volunteer your time by placing or picking up a few chairs before and after service, volunteering as a ministry helper in our Children's and Preschool/Nursery ministries, setting up our coffee and snack area, volunteering as part of our welcome staff as visitors and families arrive and leave after service each week, or occasionally volunteering your time and talent on the worship team.

What does serving in community look like? 

At The Rescue Church, we are always looking for ways that we can serve the communities we live in.

We have set up and participated in community beautify events like beautify Bonney Lake. We have had requests for yard work overhauls, roof repair/replacement projects, and even small things like walking the neighborhoods and communities that we live in to hand our thinking and praying for you sweets packages that include things like cookies just to name a few.

As of recent, before the COVID-19 pandemic, The Rescue Church was volunteering at community local food banks preparing sack lunches for the school district. Our Buckley campus also recently began conversations with White River Community Outreach seeking ways that we could begin to serve in the Foothills communities that White River Community Outreach  primarily operates and serves.

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Questions about volunteering?

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Where Do We Meet?

The Rescue Church currently has 2 campuses in two different cities:
 Sumner, and Maple Valley.